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 Custom Tea - Jasmine Tea, Essence Infusion, Custom Quality / Grade
In addition to the list provided in Bulk Tea page, we also take custom order from our customers. We can infuse or mate the tea of your choice with fresh jasmine flower, or other essence such as vanilla, vanilla rose, bergamot, etc.

We can also help you find Indonesian tea grades of your choice / preference and have it ready for export. With our local network, we'll find you the most suitable tea for you at very good prices.


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 Packaging Your Brand - Tea Bags, Metalized Plastic, Aluminum Foil, Paper, Carton Box, etc.

Production cost and investment can sometimes be encumbering. That's why we, Kurnia Tea Co., would like to offer you services based on our invested equipment and lower labor cost in Indonesia. We can produce and package Your Brands with good quality economically.

This includes, but not limited to, making tea bags (heat sealed, no metals), packaging with metalized plastic, aluminum foil, OPP/PP/PE, wrapping paper (HVS, etc.), carton box, corrugated box, etc. To compliment our one-stop-solution for you, we also provide consultation on product design and printing (offset, rotogravure, etc.).

You can both purchase the raw materials from us, our partners, or you can provide the materials just for use to process.

loose tea   tea bag   paper packaging
metalized   carton box   corrugated box

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 Joint Venture / Partnership - Plantation, Representative Office, Warehousing

Should you have deep interest to expand to Indonesia, we would be happy to assist you in your expansion. We can provide you with consultation on the local condition and are open to partnership / joint venture proposals.

We can provide you with our or references of suitable locations and buildings for your plantation, representative office and warehouses. 

need office?


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