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 Gourmet Tea for You
 December 2nd, 2008

What does a cup of tea means to you?

Is it part of your daily routine? To help you wake up in the morning? To company a meal? Or to relax after a day's hard work? Whatever it is, if you savor every sip of your tea and make it the moment of your life, then we have new surprises for you.

Today, we have proudly added a range of our Gourmet Tea for you in our website. After months of perfecting the crafts, we finally deemed our new products ready.

We have added Emerald Green (green tea): fresh with the hints of ripen fruits, it has clear light green color and enticing subtle taste. Nobody will ever have enough of it..; Black Dragon (oolong tea): Savory to the palate and sweet to smell. The semi-oxidized Oolong tea has medium-bodied liquor with delicacy that fits to accompany the feast of an Emperor!; Spicy Black (black tea): Full-bodied and sweet with the scents of thousands spices! Spicy Black is the pinnacle of aromatic tea, guaranteed to satisfy you with a soothing yet adventurous experience.

Our Gourmet Teas come at a price, yes.. But the enjoyment you get will more than compensate the price you pay!


 How Much is Your Cup of Tea??
 March 1st, 2008

Have you ever thought what is the real price of tea itself that contributes to the price of your day-to-day cup of tea?

In developed countries in the world, a pack of 20 tea bags can cost to approximately USD 2.50 - 3.50 on average. That is USD 0.125 - 0.175 per bag. Let's say it's USD 0.15 per tea bag, per cup.

While whole leaf tea can be very expensive, broken grade tea, especially dust and fanning grades which are used for tea bags, are very cheap. The wholesale price can range from as low as USD 1.00 to USD 3.00 per KILOGRAM.

To make a good cup of tea with medium strength infusion, you will need 2 grams of tea, the regular size of common tea bags. If you need only 2 grams for each cup of tea, it on average translates into USD 0.004 for each USD 0.15 that you pay! That is only 2.67% of the price that you pay!

One might think that it could be because of the high packaging cost that comes with them.. But that is just not true!

Tea bag production can be fully automated. All you have to do is put all the tea, filter paper, strings, tags/labels, envelopes, inner box, and all other material in one machine.. And VOILA! There come your tea bags, already wrapped very nicely inside carton boxes.

How much does the process cost? In tea producer countries, a box of 25 including all the tea, packaging materials and production cost will only cost you USD 0.30!


 New Products Successfully Launched
 February 18th, 2008

February 18th, 2008 is a new important milestone for our parent company, Teh 999 Co. Today, we have launched a new brand, Galan, that is targeted to middle-up people (economically). The new brand is expected to consist of a wide variant of products, both in terms of flavor and packaging.

 Kurnia Tea Co. Goes Online
 February 1st, 2008

To keep up with the ever changing business world, we finally decided to go online. Though most of our major businesses are done via offline, we believe that going online will provide us with more and more opportunity to thrive.

We are hoping that www.KurniaTea.com will be able to increase our visibility, especially to those in foreign countries. Indonesia has excellent natural resources, including tea, but Indonesian tea export have yet to come near to its full potential. We are looking forward to have mutual long term relationships with new partners from all around the world.



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