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Welcome to Kurnia Tea! An Indonesian tea exporting company that is agile and flexible to fulfill your needs. Blessed with our abundant natural resources and low labor cost, we are ready to give you quality tea from Java and Sumatra Island at  low / cheap price. The best value-for-price tea!

Our tea prices range from as low as USD 0.90 to USD 20.00 per Kilogram FOB (Indonesian Port). Real tea and herbal tea We also accept custom order with reasonable price, especially with regards to tea scenting / mating with farious flavors, real flowers and / or essence.

It is our pleasure and an honor to have you browse through our pages. Please check especially our Bulk Tea and Services & Partnership offers. Please feel free to Contact Us should you have any further questions. We will be more than happy to assist you in anyway we can, Flexibility is our motto! We look forward to heaving mutually beneficial relationships with you, locally or internationally.

      Gourmet Teas


Green Tea:

Emerald Green


Fresh with the hints of ripen fruits, it has clear light green color and enticing subtle taste. Nobody will ever have enough of it..


@ USD 27.00 / KG




Oolong Tea:

Black Dragon


Savory to the palate and sweet to smell. The semi-oxidized Oolong tea has medium-bodied liquor with delicacy that fits to accompany the feast of an Emperor!


@ USD 20.00 / KG




Black Tea:

Spicy Black


Full-bodied and sweet with the scents of thousands spices! Spicy Black is the pinnacle of aromatic tea, guaranteed to satisfy you with a soothing yet adventurous experience.


@ USD 20.00 / KG

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      A Passion for Tea

Tea is a very popular beverage throughout the world. It is the second most drunk beverage after water. Tea has a unique and enticing taste and aroma, as well as tremendous health benefits like no other beverages. It's an art for the connoisseur, and every day's enjoyment for most people.

Tea is a blessing to us, and it is our mission to spread the words and share the wonderful experience that tea brings to as many people as possible. We produce  tea of  various  qualities,  from  economic  grade

to the finest premium grade, so that everyone can be part of this wonderful blessing. From loose tea leaves that will give ultimate flavors, to tea bags for practicality. For everyone's enjoyment, for everyone's health, at all times!

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